How To Relieve Stress

Whether you are a student, an employee, a boss, or unemployed you experience stress. 

For the students, school is reopening in a few weeks or days and you need to be prepared for the stress that will be sent flying your way. 

For the employed, unemployed, and bosses you have done very well with stress so far, but a few more tips won't hurt. 

Here are a few ways to relieve stress: 

Light a candle
Sounds way too simple, I know but I promise it helps. Simply light a candle that you like the scent of when you're taking a bath or shower, studying, working, reading, you name it. Smelling a scent that you like helps to soothe you. The scent is not the only part of the candle that soothes you, the faint illumination also helps us relax. 

Talk to a friend about how you feel and how stressed out you are. They can help you to plan accordingly as well as cheer you up. 

If a friend is unavailable or you prefer writing, write down what is bothering you, what is stressing you out. Acknowledging what is causing you to stress can be a relief. You will feel alleviation by putting your thoughts and feelings somewhere. 

No one is ever too old to color. Coloring is an activity where you can receive gratification by putting in minimal effort. You are getting something done without having to think too much. 

Listen to some of your favorite music or soothing sounds to relax you. 

Do some basic or extensive stretches to release any tenseness from your body. 

Drink Tea 
Certain teas such as camomile are known for relaxing the body/mind. 

Go Outdoors
Go to a park, the beach, a camp site, the forest, wherever you feel comfortable going with a friend or without and spend some time there. Being with nature reminds you how small your worries are in the grand scheme of things. Let it inspire you and comfort you. 

Spend Time With A Pet 
Take them for a walk, or simply watch a movie with them. Pets, such as dogs and cats can be so affectionate and loving that they will almost instantly put you in a better mood. 

Sorting out your plan for how you will get done all that you need to can be relaxing in itself. Prioritize by what is due first. Having a plan can help to decrease your feeling of being overwhelmed.

I hope you give these a try! Let me know what did and didn't work for you.


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