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Beach Side Adventures

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I went on a bit of an excursion. We started our excursion a little past 4pm. We biked from my house to the nearest beach which is about five minutes away. Take into consideration that neither of us had biked in awhile and I was trying to record while we were on our way, needless to say, it was a rough journey. However, we reached the beach in tact. We enjoyed a dip in the sea then a walk along the shore. To say the place was beautiful is an understatement. The sun set at around 6pm and we watched it, and so did the elderly couple that lived by the beach's shore, and so did the group that was fishing. There was a gigantic tumbled over tree in the presence of the beach. My boyfriend and I entered what the roots of the tree had turned into a cove. It amazed me how there was a section that was shaped like a hammock, it was as if the tree had wanted people to sit there, to lay. It was as if this tree wanted to care for and nurture tho

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