Purpose of The Sun-Kissed Society + Behind the Name


I have never been artistically inclined. Therefore I've tried different ways of showing my creativity. I discovered Instagram and fashion. Both of those platforms allow me to express myself and creativity successfully. 
However, those outlets did not feel like enough, thus I had the idea of creating and operating a blog. I tried once, but the name and the feel just wasn't right, so I didn't even get around to making a post. 
The idea of a blog kept resurfacing, and I took this as a sign to go through with it. 

I like helping people and I also like being creative. 

This blog's purpose is to solely help others,and bring inspiration into their lives along with knowledge. 

I really want to write posts that benefit others: their surroundings, relationships, lifestyles and mindsets. 

Behind the Name...

I have a great appreciation for nature, and all things natural.

I also live on a tropical island in the Caribbean, which means the sun is almost always shining.  

Because of these two I came up with the name The Sun-Kissed Society. 
Sun-Kissed to me means that the rays from the sun can reach you. And I chose "society" because it means people residing in an ordered community.

I want this blog to unite people from all backgrounds with the same appreciation for nature, for everything that is kissed by the sun. 

I hope you've enjoyed! 


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